When people in positions of authority
ignore the mistreatment of children,
they commit the most serious sin of omission.
Jordan Riak
Parents and Teachers Against Violence in Education

The Mysterious Death of Natasha Jennings
by Day Williams

An Unsolved Crime
If it were your child, wouldn't you want to know?

Sadie Natasha Jennings died at the age of 16.  Natasha, a member of the Carbon Canyon Church, was baptized on June 8, 1997.  Two weeks later she went to visit her father, Clarence Jennings, in Carson City, Nevada.  On July 8, 1997, Natasha's body was found in the house of her father and her aunt.

Her good name and good character were defamed through claims that she had taken a drug overdose or had committed suicide-- because drugs were found in the house.  No drugs, however, were found in her system!  The Carson City Sheriff's Department did not drug test or arrest anyone for the drugs found in the house. The autopsy stated that the cause of death was unknown.

Almost two years have passed.  Carson City District Attorney Noel Waters will not speak to Natasha's mother, Tammy Stelton.  Tammy has repeatedly called and has sent certified letters to the District Attorney, who has not responded.  Tammy went to Carson City, Nevada on December 26, 1998 and posted flyers telling how D.A. Waters had refused to respond.  He then spoke to the local newspaper , the Nevada Appeal, which reported: "There is a new type of investigation under Nevada law that Walters intended to use in the case."  The Nevada Appeal reported that under this new Nevada law a child death review team including people from Welfare, the coroner, and the District Attorney's office can meet to review available materials for clues to the cause of death.

On January 15, 1999 Tammy received a telephone call from an Assemblyman's office stating that Noel Waters had closed the case.  Upon handing out the flyers, Tammy received a telephone call from a person who says she knows what happened to Tammy's daughter.  However, since the D.A. has closed the case, Tammy has to hire an attorney, a private investigator, and a forensic pathologist in order to find the true cause of death.  Tammy believes that her daughter was murdered and the authorities are covering it up.  It is going to take more money than Tammy has.  This is the only way she will be able to put the perpetrator or perpetrators where they belong.

If you have any leads in this case, any information about how to proceed, or any suggestions, please call:

Tammy Stelton


Karen Perdue

Please send contributions to "The Sadie Natasha Jennings Trust Fund" so that this investigation can continue. The address is as follows:

Cal Fed Bank
2000 Gear Road
Turlock, CA  95380
Account No. 989-0078778


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Or contact Day R. Williams, Attorney at Law,

Your information is important.
Responses will be kept confidential

Verified Petition for Summoning of Grand Jury, filed 8/27/99

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